HCP Navigator

The HCP Navigator makes it possible to comply with the future codes of conduct of the pharmaceutical industry, planned to be put in place by 2015.

The key components of HCP navigators are:

  • Release of individual HCPs for collaboration with companies (HCP nomination).
  • HCP data bank with search and evaluation features (HCP dashboard).
  • Project justification and approval of activities with collaborating HCPs.
  • Automatic contract generation and contract management of HCP contracts.
  • Evaluation and control of HCP payment and payment specifications (Aggregate Spending).


Standardization of workflows.

  • Minimization of corrections and queries.
  • Avoidance of multiple instances of data acquisition.
  • Quicker operations inputs through routines.
  • Adherence to compliance regulations.
  • Easy, fast initial training of personnel.

Automatic generation of contracts based on existing MS Word templates for all HCPs e.g., for events and projects.

  • Minimal effort for paper contracts.
  • Minimization of mistakes in the registration of contract data.
  • Ensuring that original documents remain unchanged.

Dashboards allow evaluation based on the push of a button:

  • Aggregate Spend
  • HCPs (number, specialties, use, etc.).
  • Activities (types, frequency, project phase, etc.).
  • Data for the publication of donations to HCPs in accordance with transparency codes.

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