Coaching Labs

Field Service Coaching Labs

Cooperation with physicians and through highly-qualified sales trainers.

Objectives: Training field representatives within a coaching lab on conversation techniques. The following aspects are included in order to optimize their daily work with customers:

  • Implementation of the sales concept and philosophy in discussions with customers.
  • Safety in handling various communication situations.
  • Internalization of the different phases in sales pitches (opening, demand analysis, negotiation, and closing).
  • Relaying product uses and key messages in sales pitches.
  • Handling customer objections.
  • Controlling the acceptance of the communication strategy in everyday work.
  • Ensuring further sales development of field sales managers through detailed feedback from the group and from respective trainers after every interaction with physicians.
  • The coaching labs are ideally designed for groups of four to five people (e.g. field Sales personnel for one region), in which every field sales manager is instructed to participate in two sales pitches under real conditions. A real physician from the target group will be part of the lab.

Coaching Labs for Regional Sales Managers (RSM)

With real doctors and through highly-qualified sales trainers.

Current scenario:

  • Approx. 95% of all field days for field personnel (Field Service Managers) are carried out without coaching.
  • During joint regional sales leader visits with field service managers, there is no coaching of the regional sales leader (e.g., by the Sales Manager).


  • Further development of Regional Sales Leaders/improvement of personnel coaching with joint visits.
  • Coaching of Regional Sales Leaders under practice conditions (e.g., use of clear and understandable verbalizations, that the field sales managers will also accept, perceptions of regional sales leaders).
  • Realistic judgment of regional leaders (e.g., by Sales Managers) through observation in real-life situations.

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