Healthcare Compliance

Companies in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry and their managers are under close observation by the public. The mistrust of pharmaceutical companies is huge and it will be increasingly difficult for individual companies, independent of their misconduct, to win back the trust of customers, patients, doctors, and the public.

Today, an effective and likewise efficient system of Compliance Management is an inevitable requirement for all successful companies in the pharmaceutical or medical technology industry.


Composition, implementation, or expansion of effective and efficient systems of Healthcare Compliance Management is needed in order to live up to new challenges and requirements, for example, transparency codes.

Among other services, primus offers the following services:

  • Cross-divisional establishment of Healthcare Compliance Systems
  • Compliance Management Audits
  • Compliance Training Tools
  • IT Tool for Transparency Codes
  • Compliance Management Check
  • Compliance Support Tools
  • Healthcare Compliance Management

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