SOP Management

Primus SOP Management Tool offers a completely paperless administration of SOPs possible, beginning with the creation, through release and then to archiving.

Last but not least, the system-based control of distribution and training of documents, as well as the planning and documentation of periodic, general training is what sets this solution as a whole apart.


  • Compilation of documents on the basis of stored and possibly also group-specific submittals
  • Attribution of documents (such as by type, scope, and unique ID)
  • Accountability of those responsible for the documents and their training
  • Integration of business processes and organization units
  • Testing and releasing documents and systems
  • Monitoring of version history
  • Distribution of documents to a group of employees that needs to be defined
  • Review reminders
  • Review process
  • Monitoring of documents regarding validity
  • Administration of distributed and authorized copy
  • Training through reading and understanding
  • Preparation of training profiles

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