Medical Affairs Excellence

The personal, organizational and conceptual reorganization of future-oriented pharmaceutical companies (new team members, Market Access Teams, MSL Teams, Brand Team concepts, etc.), as well as the changed economic conditions and market challenges (compliance, value dossiers, etc.) call for a reorientation of conceptual formulation and behaviors of the Medical Affairs Teams in the company.

The concept of “medical excellence” is to make sure that under the new economic conditions, the highest level of quality in medical and scientific services will be offered and therefore top performance will be provided in the area of Medical Support, so that the internal partners, as well as the customers and stakeholders in the market are completely satisfied.

Concept – what is it all about?

  • Program

    Make the behaviors of managers and Medical Affairs personnel transparent and decide the company´s future direction together.

  • Professionalization

    Knowledge processing and mediation through Medical Affairs to make more room for creativity (for innovation) and make routine tasks more efficient.

  • Integration

    Integrate further the Medical Team and Medical Affairs personnel in other teams (e.g., the Brand Team) and create a trustworthy environment for co-working.

  • External Representation

    Make the activities of Medical Affairs more clearly visible, leading to higher acceptance.

  • Process

    Not a one-off event, but rather a continual process that provides for internal and external monitoring.

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