Portfolio Optimization

Current scenario:

  • Increased limitations on available budgets (medicine, marketing, sales)
  • Internal competition for resources (field service conferencing capacity, marketing budget, etc.)
  • Clear increase in cutthroat competition in the market


  • Generation of (realizable) ideas for future sales growth.
  • Identification and development of sources of growth and breaking down barriers to growth for individual sectors’ key products, in the short, medium, and long-term
  • Ensuring the further growth of new products
  • Generate further growth of important revenue drivers e.g., to avoid a decline in sales
  • Development of an optimum allocation of available resources and budgets for revenue-generation and/or revenue assurance measures together with the team of experts
  • Questioning of the planned measures and the costs that arise from those measures in terms of sales success
  • Development and evaluation of specific, promising measures
  • Prioritization of the measures for implementation
  • Reallocation of resources

Guaranteeing of a close collaboration between different functionaries in the individual teams of experts

  • Consistent and common understanding of targets and the approach to achieving goals
  • Concentration on measures that affect results
  • Every individual makes their contribution to sales success

Focusing and therefore guaranteeing future company success

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