In Field Teams

Current scenario:
The traditional communication of companies from the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry with customers and stakeholders in the market with field services has moved on from classic 1:1 communication to a more complex cross-division team approach with different teams and contact people on both sides, as well as the further developed use of new communication technologies (remote or multichannel):

primus consulting group has mainly dealt with consulting, coaching, and training in the building up, implementation, or further development of special In-Field teams e.g. Key Account Management (KAM) Teams, Regional Manager Market Access (RMG) Teams, Medical Science Liaison Manager (MSL) Teams, Health Care Service Teams, etc. for several years.


  • Handbooks/guides for in-Field teams (KAM and MSL teams).
  • Grassroots workshop: Conceptual orientation and deployment of Field Access Teams.
  • Training: Innovative Key Account Management and Contract Administration.
  • Training: Embracing and overcoming changes and challenges for In-Field Teams (Change Management).
  • Training: Successful communication and negotiation with new kinds of customers.
  • Training: Efficient implementation of target-oriented and result-oriented field projects (project management).
  • On-site coaching: Competence enhancement of In-Field Teams with the help of professional accompaniment in everyday work.
  • Refresher training/sharing best practices.
  • Example workshops/coaching/training for In-Field Teams.

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