Market Research

Qualitative Market Research

Explorative interviews/in-depth interviews:

  • Attitude surveys/motivation research
  • Acceptance of drug profiles (e.g., with a new compound/re-launch)
  • Influence of new commercials on their own product
  • Market mechanics and market assessment
  • Identification of market barriers and market driving forces
  • Market trends
  • Employee surveys (e.g., surveys on integration processes after a merger)

Group discussions:

  • Testing of promo concepts
  • Testing of product profiles
  • Testing of advertising defense strategies
  • Concept/consultancy workshops
  • Sales pitch labs
  • Optimization of field service conversation records and flow of discussions
  • Optimization of content and documents for remote conversations

Quantitative Market Research

Face-to-face Interviews

  • Baseline studies on indications, product use, attitude towards the product, etc.
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Ad testing
  • Attitude, trial, and usage studies
  • Differentiation of doctor typologies

Telephone interviews

  • Product awareness and usage awareness.
  • Reminders of product properties
  • The meaning of product characteristics and judging individual products with respect to these characteristics
  • Day-after-visit surveys

Written surveys/online surveys

  • Epidemiological studies
  • Screening of practice parameters

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