Team Coaching

Permanent Changes in Healthcare Companies …

  • Political conditions
  • Concentration processes (mergers, fusions, and takeovers)
  • Business co-operations (e.g., Co-promotion)
  • Reorganization and restructuring
  • New management concepts
  • New business portfolio/product (re-)launches
  • Average/below average trading results with increasing pressure for success
  • Etc.

… Lead to New Challenges for Management Teams!

Target Setting: Control of Team Performance

  • Optimization of the effectiveness and efficiency of teamwork and management functions
  • Focusing on group co-operation
  • Bringing together of different internal and/or external groups (e.g., Co-promotion Teams, Brand Teams)
  • Transparency and assurance of a common focus
  • Foundations for the continual improvement or reorientation of business strategies

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