KOL Management

Activities with KOLs

  • High quality
  • With the right Opinion Leaders
  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Smooth
  • Clearly documented
  • With modern technology

… successfully put into practice

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Management – Challenges:

  • Fragmented KOL data and activities can be found in numerous systems, in different formats.
  • KOL information finds itself in different systems; know-how about KOLs is isolated, with little transparency between different areas.
  • Heterogeneous understanding of KOLs in different company departments.
  • Activity planning and implementation is carried out in different tools.
  • Every department has its own approach: different quality levels in planning and implementation.
  • More effort, misunderstandings, and errors due to different definitions, information, and approaches.
  • Overlapping of activities or KOL groups.
  • Making existing knowledge of KOL activities usable for future activities.
  • Making information available in a timely manner; avoiding gaps in data.
  • Providing the best possible operative support for occasionally complex KOL management activities.

Example solution approach:

  • Create a single, company-wide Medical Data Bank and IT work platform for Medical KOL activities.
  • Clear definitions of the underlying basic data, demand templates, processes, authorization workflows, and functions.
  • Dashboards prepare transparent, user-specific content (e.g., graphics and generated lists).

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