Market Access

Market access has become a central topic in the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to clinical benefits, economic benefits take on an increasing role in decision-making with regard to doctors’ pharmaceutical supplies.

The growing economic pressure on the healthcare system has lead to increase influence on doctors’ pharmaceutical supplies by funding agencies, institutions, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders.

The task of Market Access Management is to consider the whole product life cycle of a particular medication during clinical research, and furthermore to communicate a consistent and persuasive product value story to the relevant target groups, in addition to medical and therapeutic aspects, especially healthcare economy-related benefits through market introduction and penetration.

This requires far-reaching, current knowledge, information, and insights into the structures, processes, criteria, and instruments of control of decision-making institutions and stakeholders.

With regard to negotiating partners (e.g., the NDA and other funding bodies) a rapid learning curve develops during processes, centered on a single theme, often only a single experience faced by pharmaceutical companies, so that on the other side (the pharmaceutical industry) a continual building up of know-how and exchange of experience is hugely important.

For the pharmaceutical industry, it is a huge challenge to find comprehensive answers for these new communicative and organizational market access challenges.

primus helps support with this, e.g., through:

  • Workshops with stakeholders
  • Organizational development (e.g., training and coaching of field access teams)
  • IT-based market access intelligence systems

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