Online Trainings and Learning Management
for Pharmacy and Health Care

  • Spotlight Training: Spam, Phishing & Co.

    Train your employees in recognizing phishing emails and implement structures which offer no chance to these methods.

  • Every now and then: Data Protection Trainings

    Data protection trainings should be taken repeatedly and periodically. With our training you learn the essential data protection rules, you practice how to apply them. We present you with everyday situations based on which you have to decide upon the right behavior.

eLearning Complete Solutions

If you are new to eLearning and think about introducing digital trainings to your company, the primus eLearning complete solution is the right way for you.
The LMS we use offers a multitude of functions which allow us to implement exactly the kind of training concept that your company and your learners need.

With our various setting possibilities everything is possible:

  • A simple eLearning system to provide learning content and inquire learning progress
  • Providing a company wiki with all the important information gathered in one central data base
  • Surveys within and outside the company
  • Guest access for clients, so they can do the trainings from outside the company
  • Group based disscussion forums: Give your employees a platform for keeping up to date with current projects
  • And much more…

Customized Trainings for Your LMS

Do you already have a LMS and only need support with the creation of valuable content? Are you searching for new trainings to extend your training repertoire?
No problem.

We create eLearnings with a SCORM 1.2 oder 2004 standard. This way our provided eLearnings can be uploaded in most of the existing learning management systems.

We can also provide eLearnings in a HTML format as an alternative. This way you can simply integrate the eLearnings into your website.

The Advantages of eLearnings

  • Saving Time

    Unlike classroom training, eLearnigs allow a fast and flexible adaption to current challenges and events. New trainings can be adapted from existing classroom training material and can be implemented fast and easy. This eliminates the greater part of the work amount needed for new trainings.

  • Less Organising Time

    eLearnings can be implemented fast and easy if the LMS is already installed. The trainings are no longer time and location dependent, therefore you can reach over 90% of the participants in the appointed time.

  • Unlimited Number of Participants

    The number of the participants is only limited by the user administration.

  • Time and Location Independent Trainings

    Everybody can take the trainings when and where it fits best. This can be at home on the couch, in the waiting room to the next appointment or in the office.

  • Detailed Documentation

    The system documents and updates learning progresses constantly. At the end of each training you get an exact evaluation of each participant. Managers can view the learning progress of their teams if desired.

  • Cost Efficient

    eLearnings are always less expensive than classroom trainings, where a location is needed and travel expenses are mostly unavoidable.

Online Trainings and Learning Management, e.g. for


Data Protection


Quality Mangement

CME Trainings for Physicians


Application Trainings for Products

Trainings for medical professionals

Trainings for service providers

And much more

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