Multichannel Management / Remote Detailing

Multichannel Marketing and Remote Calls are the words on everyone’s lips in the pharma industry. After initial pilot projects and experiences with these new approaches, more often than not, disillusionment is swept away. There are many reasons why the use of these instruments will prove itself rewarding in future.

primus Toolbox Remote-Detailing:

Possible Multichannel Marketing Objectives:

  • Review, adaptation, and linking of existing tools, communication channels, and communication content with respect to individual customer sectors.
  • Integration of remote communication in the brand communication concept.
  • Development of a master plan for the conception, implementation, and post-processing of remote communication.
  • Motivation of personnel (field employees, medicine, marketing, etc.) and customers (doctors) through heavy use of modern communication technologies (in places where modern communication technologies will open doors for them so they can achieve their full potential):
  • Presentation of benefits for customers and personnel.
  • Targeted and target-group appropriate use.
  • Generation of positive experiences.
  • Cross-divisional use of pilot project results.
  • Definition and subsequent measurement/evaluation of success criteria.
  • Deduction of recommendations for future multichannel and/or remote projects.

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